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Brickdale Golf & Country Club


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Established in 1924, "Brickdale Golf & Country Club" features a beautiful 18-hole golf course suited for players of all skill levels. The traditional par 72 course spans 6,577 yards (6,014 meters) of gently rolling fairways, multi-level greens and demanding hazards in an idyllic landscape, providing a tranquil golfing experience.

Having spent the sunny autumn afternoon playing the course together, long-time club members William and his daughter Maggie have eventually arrived at the 18th green, where the father is preparing to make the final putt now. To conclude this awesome day, the two will then head for the Clubhouse which is conveniently located right here at the end of the course.

The Clubhouse is the perfect place to relax after a round of golf, have lunch or dinner, meet other club members, and have a good time. Besides a restaurant with a balcony, and a lovely lounge, it also includes a golf pro shop, locker rooms, a meeting room, and much more. In the Trophy Room you can learn everything about the illustrious career of golf legend Bill Underwood, whose rise to fame began at "Brickdale Golf & Country Club" in the 1960s. (Note: The model depicts stylized versions of only a selection of all the Clubhouse's rooms). 

The model

  • The green of the 18th hole (par 4)
  • Two bunkers, two trees, flowers
  • Entrance sign

The Clubhouse:
  • Entrance area (ground floor)
  • Lounge (ground floor)
  • Golf pro shop (ground floor)
  • Restaurant with balcony (upper floor)
  • Trophy Room (upper floor)
  • Attic crawl space

Additional information:
  • Measurements: 38 x 39 x 20 cm (approximate W x D x H) (Base: 46 x 48 studs)
  • Mass: 2518 g
  • Includes 11 minifigures, a bird, and a squirrel
  • Total part count: 2711 (including the figures' pieces)
  • With the exception of the two main characters, the minifigures' stories in the set have not been determined definitively, so apart from some basic visual suggestions, you can decide for yourselves how exactly the figures might be related to each other, and what could be happening in the given scenes.
  • Rumor has it that one of the set's minifigures actually is long-retired golf legend Bill Underwood. There might be one or two clues to be found to identify him. (His name also contains a certain LEGO reference, by the way.)

Wish list for new parts

This is my personal wish list in case my submission becomes an official LEGO set one day. Please, LEGO, make these new parts for the set:

1.) Golf ball in the correct minifigure-compatible size
The new golf ball's size could be similar to the "Bar 1L with Tow Ball" (22484) I had to use for this model (with the lower bar part being hidden in a hole in the ground), because there's no LEGO golf ball available at the moment.

2.) Dedicated golf clubs
At least a putter and a driver would be great (unfortunately the driver from 2019 has remained exclusive to the "Collectible Minifigures" Series so far, and the "putter" used here in the model is in fact a hockey stick).
The new ball and the new putter could then be used for actual putting action on the set's green as a cool play feature.

3.) Golf bag for storing the clubs

4.) Rake (for raking the sand after bunker shots)

Concluding remarks

If LEGO would select my model "Brickdale Golf & Country Club" to be made into a real set, it would have a massive appeal to a huge new audience of active golf players, fans of professional golf, and golf & country club members around the world, who'd be excited to build and display this unique model, and who might become new LEGO fans in the process, too. But of course, "Brickdale Golf & Country Club" would as well appeal to all long-time LEGO enthusiasts as a great play & display set.

Thank you very much for your support! Please consider leaving a comment with your personal opinion about my project, too!

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