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Cliffside House


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Welcome to my Cliffside House! This house is built on the side of the wall, and is very sturdy. The interior consists of a bed, several musical instruments, a table and bench with a ship in a bottle, house plants, a chimney with a tray full of cookies, a cozy kitchen, a functioning door, and some bookshelves with a comfy reading nook.

The outside is a little rugged, with strong support beams that are bolted in the rock, railing posts missing, and patches on the roof. It is overgrown with moss, some birds have nested, and a girl and her cat have moved in. She found the place on one of her many hikes and adventures and fixed it up.

I was inspired to build this because I like drawing homes in unlikely places, and have been drawing cliff houses for a while that were lightly inspired be the cliffside village in "Castle in the Sky" and the houses of Kanalis in "Amulet". I also love music, which is why I made the inhabitant a musician playing mutiple instruments. This is the type of thing that I would really love to see in a Lego set, and I think it fits with products such as the A frame cabin, Treehouse, Fishing Store etc. and is still very unique and original.

It is a detailed set that speaks to adventure, has a great story, that is a fun challenge to build and it is displayed in a different way than most other sets. It is also useful when you run out of shelf space :)

It consists of 2422 pieces, is 35cm wide (45cm with the stairs), 34cm tall, and 16cm deep. It uses 5 contact points to attach to the wall just to be extra safe which makes the house very sturdy. There is a system of technic axels that keeps the floor strong. The roof lifts off for easy access.

I really hope this becomes a Lego set and thank you so much for your support!

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