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100 Votes!

First important milestone of 100 supporters is reached! A big thanks from the Lego Safari Team:

One important question during this first step was the cage. People in Lego Ideas and in other fora think it would be better to leave the cage aside and concentrate on the photo/filming. What do you think? Should we delete the cage? How can then animals be resettled within the national game reserve? Do we need this aspect of playability?

Also an important aspect was the reduction of bricks. This is something I have in mind. I think a good way of reducing pieces and maybe increasing the animals at the same time is turning the set into a 2in1 or even a 3in1 set. I think that would be awesome.

Keep on spreading the word about Lego Safari. We need all the help we can get, especially within the first week and till we reach 600 supporters.

Thx again


PS Lego Pueblo is on the way.


Cage or no cage?

I like communicating with Lego Ideas fans through the comments section. I think Lego Ideas is also about interaction. One comment from Albert_Conaway was, I quote: "awesome set but, please, remove the cage!".

Considering how human civilization expanded ruthless during the last years/decades/centuries at the costs of nature and keeping in mind all those animals that were brought to the brink of extinction by poachers and hunters without any conscience, killing just for fun, this is a suggestion to stop and think a bit.

Lego Safari is a set that shall raise kid's awareness for animals by playing with the set. Thus the scientists not only take pictures and make videos, but they also study the animals and keep an eye on them with one big goal: raising the population of the different species. This in turn needs constant protection from poachers (a reason why I am thinking of including one in the set: opinion?) and good medical care (vaccines, antibiotics etc). But it also includes the resettlement of the animals from one national park to the other.

This is being done on a continuous basis in order to

1. decrease the animals in areas where they are too much of the same species and increase population in other areas.

2. in order to increase genetic diversity

3. increase the amount of areas in which certain species exist ( an indirect protection against extinction).


Personally I think for resettlement of animals you need some kind of transportation. It could be a huge box (so that animals do not see the outside world while being transported) it could be a cage. I opted for a cage:

1. in order to make a connection on my first point "awareness"

2. because the time of the set is set something around the 1980s

3. because a cage from the bricks point of view, looks better than a box and needs less bricks. Call it artistic freedom.


Of course I invite everybody to present his own opinion through this forum. I am curious to see what others have to say. Besides the more people comment a proposal the better Lego can decide if and how to produce something in case 10K is reached.


I thank you for supporting Lego Safari and for spreading the word.


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