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Lego Safari


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Join scientists Lisa and Tom on their expeditions through the Legongoro Conservation Area, a Unesco World Heritage Site. If they are not protecting rhinos with local ranger Baako, they are out on expeditions in the savannah. Studying animal behaviour can be an arduous job, but with their good photographic equipment with lots of lenses, they can take the challenge. If Lego-TV needs some footage, no problem. Their latest video equipment is state of the art.

Even on long lasting journeys they are well equipped. Their Land Rover Defender pulls a trailer with the newest foldable tent on an elevated position. Thus snakes and scorpions have no chance to harm them.

The set includes:

  1. Land Rover Defender
  2. Trailer
  3. Cage-module for trailer
  4. Equipment platform module for trailer including a foldable tent.
  5. Lots of equipment: binoculars, rifles & vaccine/tranquilizers, video and photographic  equipment with many lenses (from the super-tele to a wide-angle), etc
  6. A tree with a giraffe
  7. A hippo
  8. A rhino
  9. Tom, Lisa and local ranger Baako


I have not counted the pieces, but I guess there are around 900 bricks. I will count as soon as we reach 1000 votes and make a detailed bricks-update. I am positive that out of the bricks of the rhino you can make the hippo (with some adjustments). This would reduce bricks further and make the set a real 2in1 set (see 2in1). Leaving out the giraffe and/or the tree, would further reduce the bricks a lot.

I think decals would be great. This way the giraffe would improve looks and the doors of the Defender would get a tan touch. I shall make an update on decals.

2in1: I will try to make a pickup out of the bricks of the Defender. By rearranging the bricks of the rhino to make a hippo, the starter set will have less bricks and be a 2in1 set. Stay tuned for an update on the 2in1 version.

If you like this set proposal, please support it and tell your friends about it. Let us make a wildlife park for Lego City.


Be sure to come back in 2 or 3 days to check the revival of Lego Pueblo. It will be worth it!

And check out my other creations.

See you in the next update!


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