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Perpetual Calendar II

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Calendars come and calendars go. I humbly present for your consideration, my version of a perpetual calendar whose time has come (and hopefully will never* go), the Perpetual + Ultimate = Perptualtimate Calendar.

This wall calendar features a colourful design using a domino motif instead of numbers. With just 45 printed alphabet elements for the months, days of the week, and year (in Roman numerals), it can be used through the year 2188 when the Brick celebrates its 230th Birthday!

The sliding frame outlines the current month and discreetly displays the days of the week, month, and year. After building both the name of the month on the frame and any modifiers needed for 30, 29, or 28 days, the frame is inserted into the rails. Align the day of the week the month begins with and the blank-one “domino” and voilà! You have a calendar for the current month!
The Perpetualtimate Calendar:
  • Has 2,106 elements.
  • Is easy to see and pretty to look at.
  • Can be customized for holidays, birthdays, and any special day with a variety of 1x1 tiles and your creativity.
  • Uses no precious building table, shelf, or display cabinet space.
  • Measures 98 studs wide (31in / 78 cm) and 34 studs high (11in / 27 cm).

The video shows the calendar in action. After viewing, kindly take a moment to give it your support and share this passion project with those you know. Even if they are not an AFOL, they might begin to be after seeing this and browsing the site.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Happy Hawaiian Hugs!

*2188 is not never, but it is a good long time from now ;)

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