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Lego Picture Frame


This picture frame is post-card sized with a slot in the top, so the post-card slides right in and out without having to reassemble around it!

I created the platform within the frame so that minifigures and other small objects could be a 3D addition to the picture. This idea started when I put a couple of mini-figures in a box frame I had in front of a post card of somewhere I'd been but hadn't taken a picture of myself! It looked great but I had to reset it each time I moved it so eventually I built the whole thing from Lego. Check out the photo of the set I built and you'll see exactly what I mean.

I went with a black frame and white border as it matched other rames I had, but being Lego, this is infinitely versatile. I've included pictures of a couple of other decorative options. Maybe the box set could include a few extra pieces to allow for a couple of options. 

I really like building sets and having them on display, and the great thing about this is it serves a great every day function, as well as looking good! I hope you like it, but I'd love to hear your comments. 

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