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Willy Wonka


This is the end ...

"Less than one day left" > this is the end...

This project was for me the biggest accomplishment and I worked hard to make this a Lego ideas project. And then I was in the popular this week section (this was the first time that one of my projects reached so many supporters in less than one week :) ). Hopefully Lego decided to put my project in the staff picks section! Thanks to it I reached 1k supporters! And then thanks to you I reached 2k, 3k and now more than 3800 supporters!

This wonka project is for me one of the biggest and I am really proud of me !

Sure I will resubmit it but be patient! I need to update a liitle bit the project and add new functions and make new renders!

A huge thank to all 3800 supporters! Hope you  will support this project again :) .




We can do it! Please share on social media!

Please share on social media!

We reached over 3700 at the moment but we have only got  29 days left.

If everyone who supported this project could share this project on social medias on facebook, twitter, instagram, google plus ... we might be able to pull this off!

This is very important to reach 5k supporters because thanks to you, this project will receive an extra of 130 days: so please, ... please share this project to your friends and family : we need more supports :)






Thank you BrickQueen and BrickTitan !!

Thank you for promoting this project on youtube!


Don't forget that the truck contain power functions + thank you for 2800 supporters!

I would like to thank everybody for reaching 2.8K supporters: yes the next step is 3K and I hope that you will continue to like my potentail lego set!

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Have a nice day!



Background #2 willy wonka


Blender Render Of The Truck!


Promote article: bricktasticblog !

Thank you bricktasticblog for promoting my lego ideas project on his page!


Oompa Loompa new character

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