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Bazooka Jack and the Cybug Attack


Lilith Clover and the Rover

A perky botanist and mechanic who lost her hand in an industrial accident. She loves working with her hands, both in the dirt and at the workbench, and boy can she swing that hammer!The team's planetary rover was built from scratch by Lilith - it was her version of a resume. Needless to say, they hired her immediately. The front of the rover is a silver recolor of Metalbeard's beard. It comes with an adjustable radiowave transmission array (read: satellite dish). When not using her hammer against such enemies as savage wildlife, roving bandits, and cast-iron nails, it has a holster on the side of the rover. There are two holsters; the other can be used for anything from biological samples to a quick cup of coffee.


Quark Green and the Vending Machine

Meet Quark Green, neuropsychologist and mineral expert. He lost major sections of his body in a hostile encounter with energy lifeforms. A man barely alive, but they could rebuild him. They had the technology. They made him better than he was... better, stronger, faster. He was not, however, the world's first bionic man, but rather the latest in a long line.

Quark has a serious addiction to Snap! Granny's Apple Cola. The station is stocked with hundreds of cans of the stuff, due to the fact that he downs four cans a day. Quark's been trying to get his teammates to tell him where they keep the goods, but so far no luck.Alas, poor Quark: the vending machine seems to have it out for him. Sometimes the soda gets stuck...and sometime the machine falls on top of him. It's no big deal for him, since he's strong enough to lift it off. It is, however, a very serious deal for you, the reader. Vending machines kill more people than great white sharks. (Put that on your bumper!) They are not a toy. Be careful around vending machines. Stay safe, kids.


Bazooka Jack and the Cybug Attack!

The titular protagonist. A gung-ho adventurer with a bit of a temper. Despite this, he truly cares for his teammates. Jack functions as the team leader and the archaeologist. He wields a bazooka, hence the name, and is proficient with SMGs, though he is most comfortable with a brush in one hand and an ancient relic in the other.You'd think a bazooka would be overpowered against a bunch of bugs, right? Wrong. The blue organelle atop a Cybug's head projects a field of zero-point force around it, protecting it from physical harm. Any blow dealt to a Cybug suffers a reduction in power upon entering the field, which siphons the energy. It is then used to maintain the field. This process operates on a similar principle to quantum tunneling. It does not allow them to recover health. How does one defeat a Cybug? Sheer expenditure of ammunition.

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