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Chevrolet Bel Air


Ongoing improvements . . .

After some feedback on other sites the following adjustments were made:

-Removal of studs on roof

-Minimize the excessive chrome trim

-Give the headlights a more pointy feel

-simplify and smooth out the whole design.

The picture below shows what the main prototype now looks like:

The brick built version shown in the last update is still underway and will be coming soon!


A brick built version?

I have decided to try and make a brick built, real life version of the bel air as this will help to refine the model and make sure everything works in real life.

This does mean a lot of parts have been changed as a lot of the colours used in the original design are not available yet...

The render below is the projected outcome of what should be possible to build with existing bricks and i will start sourcing them ASAP to hopefully have a brick built model before christmas!The original blue/green colour is still my preferred choice but not available in the right pieces yet so hopefully lego would be willing to change that...

Thanks agaion everyone for all the support so far!


Another request...

As requested a 'fire chief' version of the bel air! and an example of the current version of the model in some different colour schemes...If you haven't seen the other updated moving parts and features, make sure you check out the other updates below!
Thanks everyone, over a quarter of the way there now!


Added interior, opening doors and more...

I have made some significant steps forward with the playability of the model, and added opening doors, opening hood and trunk and added an interior with folding front seats!

This first picture shows the set as it looks now, the blacked out windows have been removed as there is now actually something to see inside..As you can see the outside of the model is very slightly different to allow the doors to open without the chrome trim interfering.

Now the next picture shows everything opened...

And finally if you look at the next two pictures, the roof has been cutaway to show the folding front seats in action!
Seats back:

And seats forward:

This interior still has room for improvements possibly so I will be tinkering with the design a little more in the near future to keep making sure I can make it the best it can be!

If you have any comments or suggestions, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do!


A new addition...

Thanks everyone for getting the project over 1K!

Now the project is going so well I thought I had better keep making sure the project is all it can be so I have added an opening hood and detailed engine.

There are still more possibilities for improvements so there will be more to come!

If there is anything you would like to see added to the project or colour options etc, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do!


Another colour option plus beter chrome effect

Adding on from the last update I have managed to get a better render, which shows the chrome effect on the bumpers much better, especially the front.

Also I have tried another colour option of gold, which is my favourite so far.

Thanks for all the support so far!


Some more improvements...

I have updated the design of the Bel-Air in the following ways;

-Changed the wheels to give a more white-wall 50s look

-Inserted Exhaust pipes behind the rear wheels

-Corrected the headlights to be round as they should have been all along

-Improved the look of the sun visor

-Made the design around the base of the windscreen more flowing

-removed the trim on the hood of the car and round the side windows to clean the design up

-And finally added the option to raise the wheels into the body more, allowing the car to sit lower to the ground for a much cooler look! (The car can still be the original height simply by fixing the wheels into the original position on the technic beams)

Hopefully you will agree the car looks much more finished in the picture below!


Another requested colour option

As requested by Mighty Mini, a render of the model with a darker blue body and white rear


Just to clarify

A few people have asked about how many models would be included in the set, so to be clear I am proposing a set which would include one car only, the different style and colours are simply different options, any of which could be the final model chosen by Lego to officially release.

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