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Chevrolet Bel Air


Thank you!

A big thanks to everyone who supported shared and followed this until the end, I will be improving and resubmitting this as soon Chevrolet based projects are taken off the restricted projects list!

Back soon. . .



Finally A real life build!

After many requests to see the model brick built I have finally managed to put together a decent prototype that is real!There is no interior or engine bay yet, but the model came together well and is a surprisingly solid and functional build.The car looks well proportioned from all anglesAnd one final picture to show a scale comparison when placed next to Lego's official Mini cooper set!Thanks to everyone who has helped get this over 5k votes now and all those who kept suggesting a brick built version, it was definitely worth even if just for my own display!


Yes or no?

Having tweaked the project many times I have come to realise there are a few problems with the original build, which can't be fixed.

Keeping this in mind I have begun a full rebuild of the project from scratch and the exterior is now finished. Although there is no interior or engine bay YET, the picture below shows the model sticks to the original design fundementals and scale, but has now been built much more accurately proportioned and has been built to match the spec of 1956 coupe Bel Air, where previously several models of bel air had been mixed together:So..... I think this is much more of a true bel air, but let me know your suggestions in the comments...


Back to basics . . .

With all the updates trying to make the model look better, I have actually made the model less authentic to the original car, so I have a new version which is more recognisable as a bel air:Thanks again everyone, creeping up on 5k votes soon maybe. . .


Race version request...

Below, as requested I have rendered a race version of the bel air, it has different wheels front and back to change the stance of the car and has a few race stickers (any brands shown for illustrative purposes only)If you have any more requests comments, leave a message!

Thanks everybody who has been sharing and supporting so far!


Another request...

As requested, a render of the updated model shown in gold:Thanks everybody for sharing and supporting!

If you have any requests for colours or suggestions, please leave a comment!


Beauty on the inside counts too...

A few more improvements;

-New adjustable and better looking sun visor

-Removal of the un-needed central pillar for a more attractive side profile

-new front bench seat which is still adjustable and leans forward, but is more accurate to the original car

Thanks again everybody who has been supporting and sharing!


A bit more rock and roll

Keeping in mind the problems that the green/blue colour might cause as it is no longer used by Lego, I have done a red render along with a few body tweaks, including new wheels and rear arches to make the model capture that rock and roll 50s feel and look.Thanks for all the support so far!


Something a little different...

Since all the updates and features added to the model I have neglected the alternate design options a little, so I have rendered the taxi and police car variants in the new updated version of the model as well as the standard version. Nearly a third of the way there now! Keep sharing and spreading the word if you would like to see this product on shelves one day soon!
Thanks everyone who has already as I can't do this without your help!


Finally. . .

I have finally found a piece to overhang the top of the headlights, also, somebody mentioned that the new front bumper looked like a snow plough so I have adjusted this as well.

The picture below shows how the main prototype now looks;Thanks everyone!

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