Product Idea

Lego Egyxos

I present my project on Lego Egyxos.

Plot of the cartoon:
The Egyxos are incredible creatures with super powers who are constantly fighting for control of the kingdom. Two brothers warriors, the good, bold Kefer and the bad, cruel Exaton are leading their armies to the final battle.

A human boy, Leo, is involved in this fight against his will, unaware that he had inherited the immense power of the Last Pharaoh ...

Leo is a 12 year old boy who lives in a big city with her parents and two brothers, 6 years old twins, Juliet and Toby. He lives in a two-story house in a quiet neighborhood away from the noise of the city center. He attended public school and has a great passion for basketball. His biggest dream is to get into the school basketball team.

The life of Leo flows quietly and without too many bumps until the secret armband Ra reveals himself and the boy discovers he is the last descendant of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. an important task awaits him: save the kingdom of Egyxos and defend the Earth from the Exaton.

The Armor of Heroic Pharaoh encompasses and enhances all the powers contained in the cuff transforming Leo in a top-level fighter. In addition, Leo can change his armor alternately activating the power of water, the power of the air or the power of fire.

The Bracelet of Ra is the most powerful weapon both inside and outside the world of Egyxos. Four stones are embedded in it. Each stone has a different power: the Water Force, the Air Force and the Power of Fire. Then there is the most important stone: the eye of Ra, which contains a large amount of cosmic energy, thanks to which it can act as a key to open the portal between the two worlds. With the bracelet Leo can unleash the power of the warriors Egyxos and activate his armor.


Hope you like it! BrickMac995