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Methamorphosis of the Monarch Butterfly- With Mechanism


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Methamorphosis of The Monarch Butterfly- With Mechanism

Hello everyone,

For this project , I decided to recreate the metamorphosis of the monarch butterfly with the different stages of transformation throughout its life: the egg, the caterpillar, the chrysalis and finally the monarch butterfly . The monarch glean milkweeds.

All these elements are recreated as faithfully as possible in relation to reality, colors, shapes, sizes. The whole is placed on a base in the shape of a butterfly. The movement of the wings of the butterfly is allowed thanks to a mechanism.

Watch the video to better see the project and the mechanism:

In relation to the project:

Total parts: about 2500 pieces.

Size: 24 cm wide, 34 cm long, 20 cm high.

Element: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly, milkweed .

Mechanism: Turn the wheel to make the butterfly's wings flap.

But this project contains a lot of other little details (sausages to make the butterfly's antennas, ...).

I think this project could be a great LEGO Ideas set, it's a nice piece to exhibit, but not only, you can learn more about the evolution of the monarch butterfly and have fun making the butterfly's wings flap.

If this project gets 10000 votes, it could become a future LEGO Ideas set so if you like to vote!

Thanks a lot


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