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Williams Racing Team FW45 + Toolbox

Williams Racing is a well-known British Formula 1 team, also a nine-time winner of the F1 Constructors' Cup. Williams Racing became the third team in history (after Italian Ferrari and English McLaren) to win 100 Grand Prix. My set is dedicated to the team's new 2023 car. 

The kit consists of two parts. I'll tell you a little bit about each of them.

About the FW45 car.
Not long ago, the team unveiled a new livery for the 2023 car. I tried to recreate the design features of the car, and of course retain the recognizable new signature paint scheme. Also included in the set are 4 figurines of the members of the Williams Racing team.

The box
The second part of the kit is a replica of the toolbox that holds the assembled car inside. In addition to the signature paint job, this kit has a practical application. The top of the box slides apart and additional kit parts can be stored inside the sections. 

I think this unusual set would be a great gift for any speed fan and would look great on a shelf with other sets in your home) 

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