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Fish Tank Aquarium


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Enjoy the serenity of bringing this beautiful fish aquarium into your home.

This aquarium includes the following features.
  • Look for an orange crab hidden away within a rock structure, surrounded by a variety of plant and sea-life.
  • Across the tank, you'll spot a multi-colored octopus guarding a treasure chest filled with riches from an adventuring treasure hunting scuba diver.
  • The aquarium top has a working lid in a modular style that is easily removed.
  • You’ll see a working fish carousel built into the tank lid, adding some fun playability to the set.
  • No aquarium is complete without an over the side filter and a working light.

This aquarium was created from a love of sea-life and aquariums without the maintenance that comes with it.  It was a fun build with many amazing LEGO elements used in unique ways, from the microphones as the crab eyes, to the eggs and ice cream bobbles incorporated into the water-scape.  There is always a new detail to discover and enjoy.  The beautiful, clean design allows this set to easily be displayed and enjoyed as a focal point anywhere is your home. 

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