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Madagascar 3 - LARV Street Chase


"We call it the Luxury Assault Recreational Vehicle" ​- Skipper-

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted sees the Madagascar crew still trying to get home to New York City. When Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria and the lemurs (Julian, Maurice and Mort) get tired of waiting for the penguins to come back to Africa for them, they decide to head to Monte Carlo themselves. However things don't go as planned and the animals become trapped in the casino.

Enter the penguins' escape vehicle: the Luxury Assault Recreational Vehicle. Although only featured in the movie for a short time, this armored truck proves essential in helping the animals escape from pursing Animal Control Captain Chantel DuBios (doo bwah), in a destructive (but short) chase through the streets of Monte Carlo.

The detailed interior of the truck includes multiple computer screens and maps, Skipper's rotating 'baby seat', and the (removable) nuclear reactor. Open the floor in the rear of the truck to load the fish, and then flip down the license plate to see if the 'omega 3 slick' can take down DuBios. Also included is a spare 1x2 clear flat brick 'headlight' piece so that anyone may give the front of the truck a more clean appearance. The trucks front end was built to look uneven, crumpled and damaged so as to mimic its appearance in the movie when we first appears. How damaged it gets however, can be totally up to you.

Characters propsed for this set include:

  • Alex
  • Marty
  • Skipper
  • Private
  • King Julian
  • Maurice
  • Mort
  • Chantel DuBios (her staff and dart gun) and two of her men

Great by itself, I think this set would fit in quite nicely with the existing LEGO City series to recreate the epic chase scene this vehicle took part in. Madagascar is one of those movies that I wish had LEGO sets and if you support this set, this truck can be part of your LEGO collection for many wonderous years (and chase scenes) to come.

I thank you for your support to help make this Idea a real LEGO set.

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