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Home - The Slushious


"​I calls it, Slushious" - ​Oh -

Dreamworks Home is a 2015 movie about an alien race called the Boov who come to Earth searching for a new place to call 'home' (get it). As all the humans are relocated, a girl named Tip and her cat Pig are left behind. Tip takes her mom's car to go find her, but the car is damaged as she tries to hide from some boov looking for Oh, who has become a fugitive. Oh then fixes the car using supplies from the convienence store where he and Tip met and dubs the car Slushious, after its new fuel source (or the name on the slushy machine).

The Slushious, now with the ability to fly, is the vehicle that transports Tip and her cat (and Oh) across the planet to find Tip's mom. This lego set presents the fantastical flying car in all its goofy glory. It comes with a "bubble pod" (that all the Boov are seen flying) for Kyle, and three different interchangable grill pieces:

  • normal (rest)
  • smiling, and if you turn it upside-down it becomes a frown
  • "Gorg chip powered/super smile" (the green one) with extra green headlight pieces from when the car was powered by the Gorg superchip. 

Just like in the movie the car's tires can swing down underneath when it flies. And when the car crash lands, you can fix it by inserting the Gorg superchip into the port on the detailed interior so that the Slushious may fly again.

As a bonus this set includes a miniature version of Pablo Picasso's Starry Night ​painting, which Tip saved from being eaten by another Boov when they visited Paris, France.

Characters included in this set include:

  • Gratuity "Tip" Tucci (and her backpack)
  • Pig the cat
  • Oh (with the Gorg super chip)
  • Kyle (Oh's friend, with his bubble gun so he can do the arresting)

Not only is this set great by itself but it would also go great with any existing LEGO City/Creator sets, in which you could recreate scenes from the movie or create your own fantastic adventures!

I really had alot of fun building this set and creating each different grill piece for the car. If you are like me and really loved this movie, then I encourage you to click the support button so that this set may become a part of everyone's Lego adventure.


I thank you for your support and I hope you like this Lego Ideas project as much as I did building it!

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