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Acoustic Guitar


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Be a master guitarist with your very own Lego Guitar!



For hundreds of years, the guitar has been one of the most popular instruments around the world.  The acoustic guitar is a beautiful instrument, and deserves nothing better than being made into a Lego set!

This model is simply an acoustic guitar created out of Legos.  Complete with neck strap, strings, and even tuning keys, you could almost play it!  It is built using 783 bricks with the strap and 762 bricks without.  Due to its size, it would likely cost between $50-$70.  It is around 28 inches long--that's a 7/10 scale to a full-size guitar!  It is just shy of a standard 3/4 scale guitar, and may fit some smaller person's hands more comfortably than a regular guitar.

Here's a close-up look at the tuning keys and strings.

Another close-up at the body of the instrument.

This is the bottom of the guitar, in case you feel like drumming.

Due to it's generic shape, it's instantly recognizable, as well as being highly adaptable to various color schemes.  Three variations are shown below.

There are a lot of possibilities with a nearly-full sized Lego instrument like this one.  Due to the fact that it does not overlap any legal agreements, it is more likely to get produced than many other sets.  Just imagine owning one of these things!  You can help to make that a reality.

This is my first project, but there are certain to be more soon!  So stay tuned...

Thank you, everyone who supports, comments, and follows this project!

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