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The Legend of the Sea Serpent

The story
… Little Alf removes himself from the window and makes a run for his parent's bed.
‘Mom, dad, look! Red peppers in the tree!’ he cries.
‘The prophecy,’ Frida murmurs, her face turns pale as marble.
'The day the tree blooms and the sea turns grey, the sea monster will not be far away,’ Ivar utters as the house begins to shake.
‘Get the harpoon!’ Frida screams.
Little Alf, their son, had heard the legend of the sea serpent about a hundred times: there’s only one way to send this cruel leviathan back to the depths: a silver-tipped spear right between its sly eyes …

About us
A spare room in the house offered us, mother (56, user: rebeljackot) and son (23, user: jackotrebel), finally the opportunity to sort out all the old LEGO in the house. Going through all the bricks, we decided to get creative.

This build took us about 40 hours with approximately 2000 pieces from old dissembled sets we already owned and a few cups from the Pick a Brick in LEGO stores. We had to be inventive in finding solutions for pieces we needed but did not have.

About the build
Initially, we wanted to keep it simple, so the idea was just a house on a rock. But as the build developed, so did our ambition and the story.
When one of us suggested building a serpent attacking the house, neither of us knew where to begin. How does one build a serpent out of LEGO? We decided to split the job: one of us made the head, the other the body. After a lot of effort and attempts, this is what we came up with, and we are quite happy with the result.

We also struggled a lot with getting the sea just right, not knowing which bricks and colour to pick. Finally, we decided upon a very dark coloured sea to compliment the menacing theme of the story.
We tried to suggest the power of the serpent forcing the water upward by raising the bricks where his body rises from the depths.

Suggestions for extra playability: we think it would be very nice to make the three seperate parts of the serpent connectable to make it whole. Also it would be great to give the house an opening roof and an interior.

Hopefully, this set is the start of many builds, but some patience is required because eventually we will need the bricks from this set for something new, something bigger. But for now, we’d like to keep it on display for just a little longer.

We hope you enjoy the set and if so, consider supporting it.

Many thanks,
Marlene and Tonko

This build is a collaboration between LEGO ideas users rebeljackot and jackotrebel. The build is posted with the explicit permission of both users.

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