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The Hearthean's Ship From Outer Wilds

After playing the game the Outer Wilds, I decided to build the ship in which you explore the solar system with. LEGO complements the creative exploration of this game well, encouraging players to seek answers and solutions to puzzles they encounter. The ship in the game is pieced together with wood and other components that don't look like what we would expect of a space worthy vessel. With that in mind, capturing that in LEGO was the primary goal, as that is what makes the ship so special. I believe this design captures the spirit of the game.

The Hearthean has their backpack/jetpack for setting off in exploration of the solar system. Each of the side pods can be removed to gain access to the interior. The interior is complete with the computer log system, reactor core, antigravity crystal, and shelves for gear. The console is removable, so the Hearthean can be put into the cockpit in search of adventure.

This build is inspired by the video game Outer Wild by Mobius and credit goes to them for the inspiration and design.

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