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Mini Waterfall


This miniature waterfall was inspired by a miniature city that I saw at a Lego convention.

I have used rock work technique (where we use sloping grey pieces in different orientations to denote the jaggedness of rocks) and the SNOT technique (studs not on top).

It has complete pieces from the slopes to the tiles. I have tried to use colouring to make it look more realistic. For example, darker rocks indicate wetness. Lighter coloured water indicates shallowness, or rapidity. Transparent studs are for showing whitewater at the base of the waterfall.

By building sets such as these, people can learn more about how to use Lego in different ways.

This is part of a series of miniatures that I am working on. I hope that this series can be used to lay out a large and varied landscape in smaller areas.

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