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Let's Clean Up The Sea From Plastic


Warning! Our beautiful seas and our wonderful beaches need us!
Plastic fills the sea and only the most careful of us realize it…

Let's make everyone realizes it! Let's make sure that there’s no more plastic in the sea and the beaches remain the beautiful place they are!

With this LEGO scenario we could raise awareness on such a sensitive topic.

>> 10 000 votes can make this project a real LEGO set! It's free to support, so hit the "support" button if you want to bring this home. <<

It’s a reproduction of a beach where there are many characters who can meet in a similar place:
- a Hipster with his single speed bike;
- an old man with his newspaper;
- a fisherman with his boat;
- a happy family, ready for a nice holiday;
- and, of course, there are the beach cleaners!

All is located on a white sandy beach with a blue sea. A total of 1318 PCS, 9 minifigures, a few seagulls and lots of plastic to clean up!

10'000 supporters can make this project a real LEGO set, so click the blue support button if you want to bring this home. Please share this with your friends and family if you like it!

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