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Salvador Dalì Tribute


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Hi everyone, I'm an artist,  LEGO and art lover.

The artist I was most passionate about has always been Salvador Dalì.
His genius and his surrealism have changed the way we see and make art over the years. Maybe it was just provocation? I don’t think so. I think madness dosed in the right measure gives genius!

And all this is a tribute to an artist, his art and his design ... and all this is made of LEGO!

As an artist I believe LEGO can become a piece of art, to rediscover and love works of art and beyond! Also to recreate them yourself!
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With this set you can discover and combine the greatest masterpieces of this great artist together!
1883 PCS which include:

- loose watches;
- an iconic elephant with very long legs;
- an even more iconic design object: the lobster telephone;
- the LEGO reinterpretation of the famous painting "Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second before Wakening Up";
- a minifigure of a complete artist (yes, Dalì also made films);

It’s all located on a beautiful stand that certainly embellish your board of LEGO collections.
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Thanks for support!
If you are an art lover, this might make your day :)

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