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Theed Palace


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Nute Gunray, sinister leader of the Trade Federation, has taken control of the royal palace in Naboo's capitol city of Theed! With the help of the shadowy Darth Sidious, he has imprisoned Governor Sio Bibble and forced Queen Padme Amidala and her retinue to flee for their lives. But now, with the help of her trusty bodyguard, Captain Panaka, and her loyal decoy, Sabe, Padme is ready to take back her throne!

Now this iconic scene from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace comes to life in LEGO form! With 10,000 supporters, the Theed Palace could become a reality. 

This model of the Theed Palace captures the iconic exterior look of the palace, with its rounded domes and towers, as seen in the motion picture. A giant arched entryway leads straight into the pillared hall. On the second level of the palace sits Queen Amidala's throne room, with plenty of room for her advisers, bodyguards, and handmaidens - but watch out for the slippery Nute Gunray lurking there! Two round towers, a small bridge and spire connect to the exterior of the palace. 

The Theed Palace model is highly playable:

  • Easily remove the roof to reveal and play in the throne room!
  • Swing the entire model open to reveal the interior of the palace and double the hallway length!
  • Swing one tower open to find Governor Sio Bibble imprisoned and guarded by a battle droid!
  • Bust down a giant window and send Panaka and Amidala to the second level on grapple hooks!

Recreate your favorite moments from the film with the following minifigures: 

  • NEW! Padme Amidala (Battle)
  • Captain Panaka
  • NEW! Sio Bibble
  • NEW! Sabe (Battle Decoy)
  • NEW! Nute Gunray (Episode I)
  • Battle Droids (x3)

If you're ready for action-packed LEGO Star Wars excitement and building, click support! Then spread the word so that Theed Palace can reach 10,000 supporters in record time!



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