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Long Electric Wheel Passenger Train


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I wanted to make something more unique. There hasn't been a modern lego train set that's yellow, so that's what I made. A unique thing that hasn't been done before by Lego and people might want to see as a set.

I thing that it is a unique design that hasn't been used before, with a low hanging front and a 2-piece curved windshield. Using the old motors with metal wheels that got energy from the track, so you could put people in the front car with the cockpit. Also, out of all train sets from Lego, I haven't seen a roof build like this. And the last thing, the coupling system. The magnets for the coupling are connected to the chassis, not the wheels, making it more realistic. But, height of the coupling makes it compatible with any other Lego train set.

By the way, Lego, I can't make the photo better. it's straight from LDD.

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