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The Bubble Ship



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Because we have just 39 days to get 300 supports, if not, this project will be removed and would have no chance of being produced one day by Lego as an official Lego set :-(
Thank you for your future help, we hope you have enjoyed this work and that you will help us by supporting, sharing or tweeting, feel free to spread the world about this project :-)

Here are some photos of this model build in real Lego bricks by Matthew Street


Oblivion : The airstrip and control tower




Oblivion : Motorbike and clones


                                                              - The mini folding bike -

 In the film Oblivion, at a time, the main character extract of the Bubble Ship a mini folding bike that allows him to continue to explore the land around.
 So, this bike can be folded, it is composed of 51 Lego bricks and three stickers. There are also two minifigures which are different versions of clones. Soon there will be a new update to the airstrip and control tower with female minifigure ... stay tuned, and of course, if you have not already done so, do not forget to support this project!


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