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The Bubble Ship


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                                                               - THE BUBBLE SHIP -


It is a spaceship of science fiction that can fly in an unfriendly atmosphere. This is a breakdown vehicle  used for the repair of drones that protect the population of the planete against: the Gentiles-Rebels who living underground. This world is controlled by a computer and the characters are just some clones ...

This is a collaborative project between:
 - Alan Kido for the design of the ship and of the drone.
- Matthew Street for its magnificent construction and the necessary mechanical modifications with real Lego bricks.
- Whatsuptoday for renders and artistic completion of this project!

This set consists of 698 Lego bricks, it includes the  Bubble Ship with some accesories, the drone # 166 and two minifigures: the driver and his partner.

This spaceship has multiple functions:                                                                                                              - The cockpit "bubble" can be opened on both sides.                                                                                       - The cockpit is articulated by a ball joint which gives it the ability to rotate in all three directions.                   - On the cockpit are located two twin cannons that can rotate on their bases to 360 degrees.
- In the cabin are fixed two engines which can rotate independently.
- The legs are hinged at two points, can be folded along the cabin during the flight.
- At the rear of the fuselage, is the Access-ramp opens onto a container of weapons and tools.
- Finally, the rotor rotates correctly on itself!

The drone fonctions are:
- A multidirectional booster engine, hinged at its base.
- The  two sides diverge to release the two twin cannons that have 360 ° rotation.


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