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Backyard Astronomy

A wise man once said "I have a theory that there are two kinds of boys. There are those that want to be astronomers and those that want to be astronauts." Lego has made plenty of sets to satisfy the latter, but none for the former. These sets would demonstrate that you don't need to visit space to study it - you don't even need to leave your backyard!

This project depicts home telescopes of all kinds, as well as other essential astronomy gear, along with the stargazers who enjoy them. The project would be a spinoff of Lego City Space and help show that significant contributions can be made to science by amateurs. They would be highly educational by offering realistic representations of astronomy equipment, and I would also like for each set to include a star map or map of an individual constellation to help builders learn about the night sky. The sets could be sold separately or together as a complete astronomy club!

MAIN PIC: Nothing like a night out under the stars! This set includes an astronomer, backyard with deck, fence, trees, lawn chair, SLR camera, binoculars, and a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with remote control, 90° diagonal and fork-arm tripod mount in a color scheme based heavily on the classic Celestron orange tube. 203 pieces

9/8/2013 - 50 supporters
11/17/2013 - 100 supporters

Build a real cosmic workhorse! This big refractor telescope comes with a heavy-duty moveable equatorial mount with computer, eyepiece rack with three eyepieces, 90° diagonal, finder scope, step stool, binoculars and two amateur astronomers. A professional observatory-quality setup from the comfort of your own home! 99 pieces

Scan the skies with your own "lightbucket", a Dobsonian-mounted reflector telescope! Includes opening backyard telescope shed, telescope with three interchangeable eyepieces and finder scope, laptop computer, red astronomy flashlight, astronomer and scenery. 99 pieces

When you need to check out the latest in astronomy gear, head over to the neighborhood optics shop! Includes store with lots of telescopes, eyepieces and binoculars, sales counter and salesperson. 567 pieces

Who says you can't study the sky just because the sun's out? This model depicts a father and son enjoying a solar telescope based on the Coronado PST. 24 pieces

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