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Arc de Triomphe (Architecture)

This model of the Arc de Triomphe is designed to fit in with the existing Lego Architecture range. I originally felt that a model this size could not do the monument justice or be made into an interesting build. To my surprise designing it required some unusual build techniques which I think people will enjoy making. My favourite part is the ceiling of the main arch. The arched panels are created using hinged blocks and this is the one part of the model that I have built up in Lego - it looks just as good in Lego as it did in LDD. The other interesting parts of the build are the recessed for the statues in the legs, the stepped out roof and the panels around the middle.

I have already got a larger scale model of the Arc de Triomphe on Lego Ideas which is my "UCS" version of the monument, this new model would fit in with the existing line (and I proved myself wrong in that you could make a smaller scale version which was not just a block of lego).

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