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Classic Steam Freight Set


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Here I present to you, 2 titanic entities in the world of toys coming together: LEGO and the Classic British Train Set! 

Now I know what you're thinking, "LEGO has made a number of train sets in the past, what makes this one so special?" Well the answer should be apparent from the title, it's a Steam Train Set! But more importantly, this one not only takes design elements, but also mechanical elements from the types of train sets the likes of Hornby and Bachmann have produced. Such as the motor for the engine being housed... inside the engine's tender (rather than in one of the wagons), a unified scale and coupling scheme, and of course, it is quintessentially British. 

Each model's design is taken from real-world rolling stock found on British Railways circa 1920 onwards. While not 100% accurate, they all possess features that encourage both the LEGO play pattern with modularity and the kind of features one might expect from your typical train set. Including a full oval circuit of track to run on (10 straight pieces, 16 curve pieces).

The Locomotive (LMS 2P Fowler)

  • Tender Drive
  • Capable of running on LEGO's standard curve gradient
  • Removable Coal block
  • Detailed Cab interior with opening firebox
  • Dedicated ports for 2 minifigures
  • Includes "Driver" and "Fireman" minifigures

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The Coal Truck (BR 7 Plank Wagon)

  • Brake assembly detail
  • Opening doors for tip unloading
  • 12X8 stud bed size

(Basis: )

The Box Wagon (SR Box Wagon)

  • Shares chassis with Coal Truck, including detailing
  • Opening barn-style doors
  • Internal capacity, 10x4x5

(Basis: )

The Low Flatbed (BR "Lowmac")

  • Underside clear of fowling on rails
  • Additional brake detail
  • Includes shipping container and chains to secure it

(Basis: )

The Milk Tanker (BR Six-Wheeled Tanker)

  • Modified Coal Truck chassis to maintain relative scale
  • Additional detailing along outside of wheelbase
  • Functional stabilizing details

(Basis and suggested livery: )

The Brake Van (LMS Brake Van)

  • Footplate/brake detailing within width of rails
  • Functioning interior doors
  • Includes "Gaurd" minifigure

(Basis : )

Author's Note: Due to LDD's limitations, I wasn't able to actually place the engine on the tracks to demonstrate it's ability to go round the curve. I should also point out I had to redesign the front bogey section to accomplish this (Adopting a more traditional "bar" system). But from all appearances, everything -looks- like it will work. 

Piece Count: approx. 1600

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