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The Legoban


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Here is the reproduction of a classical goban, the board where to play 'go' game. It has the traditional features of its wooden cousins: a large surface, black lines to clearly mark the intersections, a thick support and round carved feet.
Of course it comes with its black and white stones, and the bowls where to put it to play.

The go game is several thousand years old and still as interesting as when it started. In this game you don't try to unmercilessly defeat your opponent - which in fact is called a partner - but to find the best way to overcome their strategy. By alternatively placing tokens (called 'stones') on the line intersections, players design territories that can be invaded, transformed, protected. It's an ongoing quest for balance and opportunities, knowing that each stone will have its own influence on the whole board.
It is said that it takes 30 minutes to learn how to play, but a whole life to understand its beauty... I propose we start now!

The current size is 9x9, the first of the three board sizes and the one that is used to learn and study.
By the way, it displays a tsumego - a problem of life and death. It's white turn to play, do you know where should they place their next stone to save the group ?

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