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Christmas Theater


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Welcome to the theater. Where everything is fake but nothing is fake. (Gigi Proietti)

 Attending a live theatrical performance is always fascinating but doing it during the most magical winter period of the year, in a square or in a city park is even more so.
Being among lights and colors, scents, seeing and hearing actors, dancers and singers performing, it makes the Christmas atmosphere even more joyful.

I tried to enclose this atmosphere in a set of about 2000 bricks and 15 minifigures, creating a small theater with two interchangeable scenes, with which it will be possible to play!

In the first scene we can attend a ballet in costume with the main dancers who really dance.

In the second scene we can admire a classic concert intent on making us listen to the typical songs of the period.

I think it's a nice way to introduce this theatrical world to young and old people.

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