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Bassoons are large, double-reeded woodwind instruments with a range of more than 3 octaves. They originated from a renaissance instrument called a Dulcian, made from 1 piece of wood. Sometime around the early 18th century, the modern bassoon began replacing the dulcian, due to its larger range.

So here, I have made an approximately 1/3 scale model of a bassoon, as well as a stand to put it on. All the keys are reproduced as accurately as possible, although none can move. Most of the keys are in a chrome silver color, although I made some of the more frequently used keys in more of a flat silver, to indicate age.

I myself am a bassoonist, so I built this as a project to see how accurately I could reproduce my own bassoon in LEGO form.
I believe that this would make a great set because it has a great aesthetic for display, and it would be a neat model for musicians and conductors.

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