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BattleBots - BattleBox and Robots

It's Robot Fighting Time! Based on the hit robot combat show BattleBots, this set allows you to create your own carnage at home, whether reenacting battles from the TV show, or coming up with your own.

Take two of the robots included, or build your own, and face them off in the BattleBox, featuring working hazards from the TV series: the screws, the paddles and the pulverizers. Which robot will survive the arena? That's up to you. Let the Bot Battle Begin!

  • Turn the cranks to spin the screws
  • Push the levers to swing the pulverizers
  • Push the pins to swing the paddles
  • Includes BattleBots Champions Bite Force and Tombstone, runners-up Minotaur and Witch Doctor, and semi-finalist Bronco
  • Remove pieces from the robots to simulate battle damage
  • BattleBox seperates into smaller parts for easy storage

Other info:
  • The BattleBox is 2767 pieces
  • Bite Force features a spinning bar, and is 37 pieces
  • Tombstone features a spinning bar, and is 29 pieces
  • Minotaur features a spinning drum, and is 17 pieces
  • Witch Doctor features a spinning disc, and is 60 pieces
  • Bronco features a lifting arm, and is 41 pieces
  • Total count is 2958 pieces

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