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Month Number Two

Another 12 supports this month, I had high hopes for either this one or my big box version to pull in the supports.

Oh, well I can always hope for more supports and follows.

Brick On everyone ! 


One month in

Though it's only 35 supports I still feel this is one of my more cleverer ideas - not using any stickers to sell what is this building.

Please keep supporting this and my big box version if you want a hardware store in Lego City, Brick On everyone !


Big Box is around the corner !

Once the review team gives it a pass, you can all support the Big Box version as well (if you like it).

Keep watching & Brick On everyone !


Big Box is coming real soon !

Many of the retail racking displays are done, so too most of the self service checkouts, though I'm not sure if this needs tiled floors or not.

Any suggestions or extra ideas please feel free to post them.

Keep watching & Brick On everyone !


Big Box Store redesign is coming !

I have picked up parts to start expanding this project, hopefully it will be up in a few days.

Keep watching & Brick On ! 


Minifig changes.

A female is now the manager of the hardware store.

Keep watching ! 


Dump bin display completed

Simple design yet looks realistic.

Keep watching and please keep supporting, Brick On everyone !