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Home Brand Hardware Store


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Missing from Lego City is a hardware store among other types of stores and shops, though with all the construction, repair work, etc., going on well a hardware store would be very useful.

No stickers are being used, a combination of panels, brick and windows make up the exterior with the interior fixtures using studs not on top construction.

Two minifigs, a everyday customer and sales person, either male or female is either case.

The name and style of sign chosen was to keep this simple, a fusion of city and creator together.

Just as we have 'City' and 'Octan' us city brands, 'Home' can be a in-theme brand as well.

It's foot print is 16 stud deep, 28 stud wide, only the entrance has a sloping roof and modern exterior.

Cost would be over $ 50 US, due to the high brick count and interior fixtures too.

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