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The AT-XT (All Terrain Experimental Transport) was an experimental armored assault walker used by the Grand Army of the Republic during the clone wars. This walker was a precedessor of the AT-RT and AT-ST. Equipped with a plasma deflector shield, a dual laser cannon on the front and two mortar launchers on the top of the vehicle, it was capable of defeating columns of separatist droid infantry. The AT-XT saw action in the battles at Rhen Var, Thule and Jabiim.


My model of the AT-XT has poseable legs and cannons, and the cockpit hatch can be opened to insert a minifigure. The walker's "head" can also turn from side to side to a certain extent.

height: 18 bricks
length: 19 studs (14 without dual laser cannon)
width: 11 studs

Piece count:

walker: 261 pcs
minifigures: 36 pcs
total: 297 pcs

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First model update: May 9, 2013
Second model update: June 28th, 2013

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50 supporters - June 12th, 2013


1x B1 Battle Droid (with Backpack)
2x B2 Super Battle Droids (1 with Rocket Launcher Arm)
2x Clone Troopers (AOTC 2013 redesign)
1x ARC Trooper A-17 "Alpha" (in the style of the sergeant from 75000 but with blue markings, pauldron and kama)

Additionally, there is an extra helmet for the troopers to wear when piloting the walker.

Alpha reference pictures:

The head can turn left & right (about 40°)

Rear view

Previous Version

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