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Family Tree Wall Chart.


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About 30 years ago, I started investigating into my family history. At that time due to limited resources to investigate with, I was only able to get back as far as 1809. Now, that online resources have become more accessible through one of my grandfather’s direct lines, I have managed now to get back to the year 1315.


While conducting my research, I discovered that my 14th great-grandfather was Sir Thomas More who opposed the annulment of Henry the eighth and Catherine of Aragon marriage which alternately lead to a period in England history known as the reformation and which in the end lead the forming of the Church of England.


The key points of this designed are:


1. It can be configured in multiple ways to suit your family line.

2. Each box has room for a thumbnail photo and a small amount of written details on your family member.

3. There is the option to hang it from the wall or to have it freestanding.

4. The most important feature I believe is the educational value as a project the whole family can work on doing their research into their family history.


The model consists of 1176 parts currently but I would envisage that extra parts would be need to be added for additional female and male boxes as all families are different in their makeup.


This is a simple idea which I believe to be a good one.


Finally, I would like to thank you in advance for taking a look at this Idea and voting for it if you believe it is worthy of your support.

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