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Luxo JR


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Hi there, you probably recognize this lamp from somewhere, this is the iconic Pixar lamp, it's called Luxo JR (the more you know). I made this concept because I thought this is a set that everyone would like to have. This set has 190 pieces, including a minifigured scale Luxo (the design is brought from the Lego Incredibles game).

it's a fun and unique set. It was one heck of a challenge to understand how to put everything together but once everything *clicked* it became so amazing to look at. The head was the most difficult piece to figure out, and it took a few tries but in the end I succeeded to make it spin around, like this
I tried to stick to the original lamp as much as possible and I think I did a pretty dang good job.
here's a picture for some reference:
If you love Pixar, support this IDEA and share it with more LEGO fans and it will be amazing. <3 ;)
thank you so much

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