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Medieval Market


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“The medieval market was held weekly in a neighboring town and was an event that diversified the lives of farmers. Here they sold their fat capons, eggs, butter, and cheese. Besides the weekly markets, there were the great annual fairs, which lasted many days, and were frequented by all classes of the population.”

About the Project:
I built this project because I love medieval architecture and I want LEGO to make more medieval sets. This set is really good for both display and play, so it will attract LEGO fans of all ages. To make this set, I used and PartDesigner.

The build has three main structures:
The first one has a blacksmith on the lower floor. There is a detailed interior with an anvil, fireplace, armor, and so much more. On the second floor, there is a bookshelf next to a four-poster bed.
The middle building is an old clock tower. On the outside, I added a random pattern of bricks, tiles, and plates to give it a rustic but beautiful look.
The last structure has striking posts for both utility and charm. It contains a dining room, a fireplace, a bunk bed, a bookshelf, and a desk.

Outside the structures, I added an old stone bridge, five medieval stands, and one boat. The whole set is built on the docks, which gives it a very different feel from other medieval builds.

Overall, the set has:
2098 pieces
Nine Minifigures
Five Medieval Stands

This project took weeks to make, so if you take one second to support, it will make my day! Thank you!

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