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Queen Victoria Cruise Ship


Redesigned Deck 10 and funnel

I have built the Queen Victoria using LEGO Digital Designer. The digital model has been built using a better selection of parts.

The model has three principal design changes:

  1. The funnel has been re-designed to better match the Cunard funnel livery, Compare this to the image of the real funnel.
  2. The small turntables on the two azipod motors have been moved forward one stud so the azipods rotate with more clearance, and
  3. The Winter Garden has been added to Deck 10 just aft of  the Pavilion Pool.

The LDD model has blue deck reclining-chairs next to the Pavilion and Lido pools. A pair of spa pools has also been added next to each pool. If you look carefully, you will see that there are tables in the Winter Garden. The brick-built model will feature these improvements shortly.

Here are some images for the real Winter Garden and Pavilion Pool.

I hope these changes reflect a better version of the real ship.

The LDD file and parts inventories are available for download here. There are two parts lists; one has the black portholes on the hull while the other has the portholes removed. This second version has reduced the parts count to below 2000. The full sized images of this model are available from my Flickr album.

Thanks for all the support and comments so far.

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