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Robot Wars

Originally airing from 1998 to 2003, and returning to TV in 2016, Robot Wars is a competition where amatuer and professional engineers build combat machines, and battle them against one another, whilst dodging the arena hazards, and the House Robots, until one remained, being crowned champion.

Based on the BBC television series, this project aims to give you the chance to build and battle with some of Robot Wars' most famous robots, including the fearsome House Robots, three champions in Apollo, Carbide and Eruption, and the longest running competitor, Behemoth. Reenact battles from the show, make up your own, or even build your own robots and fight them against the famous ones.

  • Sir Killalot is 205 pieces, and features moveable arms and crushing jaws
  • Dead Metal is 144 pieces, and features grasping pincers
  • Matilda is 202 pieces, and features a lifting head and spinning flywheel
  • Shunt is 219 pieces, and features a swinging axe
  • Apollo is 25 pieces, and features a working flipper
  • Carbide is 44 pieces, and features a spinning bar
  • Eruption is 31 pieces, and features a working flipper
  • Behemoth is 57 pieces, and features a lifting scoop

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