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Captain Daniel's New Vintage Truck Arrive On Board


Hi friends!


Captain Daniel just bought a new truck.

A very old truck actually, and very rare too.

A very compact truck, perfect to load it on the Captain's barge,

and one of the first built in series with four-wheel drive.

This old vehicle is equipped with a tipper that is controlled from the cabin.

It opens on each side, which allows to carry all kinds of things.

This truck also has two large side chests and a storage compartment in the cab, behind the driver.

The dashboard is very simple.

Driving also.

Captain Daniel brings back Dom's motorbike, which he borrowed to go and fetch the truck.

Meanwhile, Dom had to repair the crane in order to load the truck on the back deck of the barge.

So everything should be ready for loading, so let's go!

Here, the truck is in place.

All that remains is to store the crane to resume navigation.


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Please note that this project only contains the truck.

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