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Captain Daniel's Houseboat-Club-Diner (Modular)


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Welcome on board, dear friends!

Captain Daniel is waiting for you to make you visiting his barge.

First of all, I have to tell you about this character.
This bargeman has long traversed Europe to transport all kinds of goods.
Then, with his friend mechanic, Dom,

they decided to turn this barge into a bar-restaurant.
They have worked for many years to make it a festive and convivial place.

Today Dom has built the scene, cause tonight, a jazz band is playing on the front deck.

So it is the captain in person who guides you while Dom takes a rest. Let's go !
Follow the captain on the ladder to access the deck.

From there, a staircase leads down to the dining room.

In the extension, there is the pub.

At the back, a staircase goes up to the wheelhouse,
then to the captain's cabin and the engine room.


Access beyond the pub is forbidden to the public.

The captain may invite you later ...

From the center of the boat where the sanitary facilities are located,

a passageway runs forward to access the sauna.

Next door is the kitchens where the french star chef prepares the menu for this evening.

Waiting for the meal, take a drink on the terrace.

Other surprises await you at the end of the concert.
Just enjoy the music,

and be patient…

Updates are coming soon with news pictures.


I wanted to propose a scalable and adaptable project that is suitable for all.

Even if it can still be improved, I think I have achieved that goal.

This barge is made up of two main modules, the bow and stern, which can alone form a first marketable model.

The boat thus formed already has all the organs necessary for fun

(wheelhouse, engine room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and multiple mobile accessories on deck)


The other modules, which can be added later, allow to add a bar, a dining room, sanitary facilities, a sauna

and a swimming pool (yes, a swimming pool but it's still a secret!).

Thanks for visiting.

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