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Eco-Friendly Engineer Workshop with Green Roof


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Eco-Friendly Engineer Workshop with Green Roof

In our modern age, more attention is given to the environment, especially where we work.  We also are seeing and needing more women to get into traditionally male dominated professions like engineering and welding type trades.

Living in Ottawa,  we have an excellent example in the Algonquin College campus, which has a Green Roof set up and a gorgeous internal atrium Green Wall.

The LEGO set portrays a modern mini-power plant facility that might power local buildings, requiring resident engineers to help it function.

It is complete with a welding workshop for fix-it projects and a boiler with stack rising up to the top of the building where we find the Green Roof. Walk up the stairs and...what a great place to relax, no?

The set features a middle hinge set for versatile play and the windows in front of the boiler open up to all for easier play and visual access.

This set includes:

1 X intrepid female engineer (she’s not old...just “hip”)

1 X male engineer / welder (also not old...just “hip”)

1 X workbench complete with tools, a newspaper, and coffee mug

1 X set of red lockers

2 X large welding gas canister

2 X small welding gas canisters

1 X welding enclosure, workbench with a vise

1 X MIG / TIG welder set up

1 X monster boiler with rods and a power console 

1 X dolly / truck

1 X 4 wheel scissor lift

1 X anvil

1 X roof top quadcopter drone for tasks or play

1 X birdhouse and bird

4 X butterflies

1 X gerbera daisies pot

and...splendid green roof landscaping. Ahhhh! Tech meets Eco.


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