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Brickstein Winter Castle


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The Brickstein Winter Castle:

It's winter and at the Brickstein Castle everyone is preparing for a grand feast. The dining hall is decked, dresses are being tailored and food is cooking downstairs. The only thing that can be heard over all the activity is the belltower, ringing the winter party welcome.

The Brickstein Winter Castle is the very essence of the winter holiday. Each building can be removed/replaced which makes the model itself is easy to customize. Parts of the castle is also mechanical. The current project has a moving spitroast and the ability to add dancing minifigures around the christmas tree in the courtyard. Future plan is to add a mechanical feature to the belltower.


  • Removable buildings.
  • Mechanic spitroast.
  • Mechanic christmas tree dancers.
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • 12 Rooms easy to access

Additional notes:

This is a fully seasonal model, intended to be used/displayed in the winter holidays. There are no minifigures in this project due to limitations in LDD. I made the decision to exclude the minifigures form this project so I have a beautiful project with the possibility to have beautiful minifigures included instead of having a beautiful project with half bad minifigures. In the end, I intend to have minifigures included. All the bricks used in this model, with few exceptions from the LDD extended, come from the classig LDD. There are no non-existing bricks involved, only some colour corrections.

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