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Lego Modular Alley


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Just a small & basic Lego modular alley way, to connect/go between various Lego modular buildings such as the recent Boutique Hotel & Police Station.

It is based on a 16x32 baseplate, meaning it will fit perfectly between all of the released modular buildings, and is also wide enough to allow access to a variety of City vehicles, such as cars & rubbish collection trucks (assuming the residents haven't blocked the alley way with their rubbish!).

Designed using the same colour scheme & style of pieces used in other modular sets, this one comes with three large rubbish bins for residents/businesses to throw their rubbish in, as well as a smaller bin for pedestrians walking past. As you can see however, not everyone uses the bins instead simply tossing their rubbish bags & coffee cups to the side - as well as dumping a broken chest of drawers & broken bicycle too!

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