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La Catrina


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Introducing the LEGO Catrina Sculpture

Prepare to immerse yourself in the vibrant Mexican culture with an exquisite LEGO rendition of the renowned Catrina. This meticulously crafted masterpiece captures the timeless allure of this iconic symbol, appealing not only to those who hold a deep appreciation for culture and art, but also to a broader audience that recognizes the universal significance of this remarkable creation.

Every aspect of this Catrina sculpture has been meticulously constructed using LEGO bricks (2,894 aprox in total), resulting in a stunning level of detail that is sure to captivate admirers. No stickers were employed in this design; all decorative elements are ingeniously fashioned from individual bricks. The head is embellished with tasteful earrings and an elegant sombrero ornamented with delicate feathers and blossoms. These carefully chosen embellishments pay homage to the traditional Catrina while honoring the authenticity of handcrafted Mexican sculptures.

Authenticity in Sculptural Form

Drawing inspiration from the revered clay sculptures produced by esteemed Mexican artisans, this LEGO Catrina seamlessly channels the spirit of an authentic sculpture rather than a mere costume. Mirroring the artistry of clay artisans, the model embraces the essence of minimalistic coloration, allowing the 3D texture of the bricks to shine through. This approach resonates with the tradition of conveying intricate details through the very medium of sculpting, embodying the spirit of Mexican craftsmanship. The delicate dress, trimmed with lace and a refined corset, exudes an air of sophistication that befits the Catrina's symbolic status. While maintaining an elegant and graceful profile, the dress is thoughtfully designed to capture the spirit of the Catrina while offering a nod to its original forms. This blend of tradition and refinement creates a captivating visual experience that transcends borders.

It's worth noting that there are two distinct styles of dresses - one in vibrant pink and another in a striking orange hue. Yet, the possibilities are endless. Imagine experimenting with a myriad of colors to bring your own unique vision to life. While maintaining an elegant and graceful profile, each dress is thoughtfully designed to capture the spirit of the Catrina while offering a nod to its original forms. This blend of tradition and refinement creates a captivating visual experience that transcends borders.

Articulate Anatomy

Designed with meticulous anatomical accuracy, the Catrina's skeleton remains true to human proportions. Its moveable jaw adds an interactive element, allowing you to recreate dynamic expressions and bring the model to life.

The intricately designed skeletal structure, including the spine and scapula, showcases the fusion of artistic interpretation and anatomical precision. Using a flexible tube as a pathway for the spine allows for adjusting the model's neck, enabling the head to be positioned in various orientations.

In addition, the arms and hands of the Catrina sculpture are equipped with articulation that mimics natural movements, offering the flexibility to pose them in a multitude of positions. Furthermore, these articulated features are bolstered by additional supports, ensuring the stability to effortlessly bear the weight of the shoulder joints. This careful engineering enhances both the visual appeal and playability of the model, allowing for an engaging and dynamic experience when interacting with the Catrina sculpture.

  • Total Piece Count: 2,894 pieces (aprox)


  • Neck: The neck boasts lateral articulation, allowing the head to pivot left and right.
  • Head: The head features vertical articulation, enabling tilting motion from top to bottom.
  • Jaw: The jaw is ingeniously articulated, permitting realistic opening and closing movements.
  • Shoulders: The shoulder joints are articulated, offering a wide range of motion for expressive posing.
  • Elbows: Articulated elbows provide flexibility to adjust arm positioning.
  • Forearms: The forearms feature articulation for lifelike gestures and posing.
  • Wrist and Phalanges: The wrist and finger joints are articulated, allowing for intricate hand movements and poses.


  • Removable Hat: The sombrero can be easily detached, providing an opportunity to explore different looks and styles.
  • Adaptable Skirt: The pieces composing the skirt are designed to be adjustable, facilitating the creation of unique decorative arrangements. This versatility offers various options to achieve distinct aesthetic variations.

  • Width (body): 22.4 cm
  • Length (body): 22.4 cm
  • Height: 89.1 cm

With a grand total of 2,894 pieces approximately, this Catrina sculpture is a masterpiece of both scale and intricate articulation. Its various movable components, including the neck, head, jaw, shoulders, elbows, forearms, wrists, and phalanges, ensure an engaging and lifelike range of motion. The detachable sombrero adds an extra layer of customization, while the adaptable skirt pieces open the door to diverse decorative possibilities. This meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful design truly elevate the overall experience of interacting with the Catrina sculpture.

As you might notice, I originally designed this model digitally, but then I built the model using actual bricks, I gave it a bit of a makeover by switching up the colors and tweaking some parts to make it sturdier. The color scheme was inspired by the vibrant patterns of monarch butterflies and marigold flowers, but I kept the main structure intact.

A Global Tribute

More than a mere LEGO creation, this Catrina sculpture stands as a tribute to the enduring legacy of the Day of the Dead and the artistic ingenuity of Mexican culture. Its universal appeal, stemming from its cultural significance and remarkable craftsmanship, ensures that it will be cherished by collectors, enthusiasts, and admirers from all corners of the world.

Join me in celebrating the spirit of tradition, creativity, and cultural exchange through this LEGO Catrina sculpture!

Don't forget to share your opinion in the comments!, what you liked the most about the model?, what would you change or add?, I'll see if I can improve it in an update!

Special thanks to my mom and my friend Pam for the feedback during the construction stage of this project, I really appreciate it :D

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