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Meter Maid

Only just realise that I missed this picture out:


Moulded heads problem

I understand that there may be an issue with the use of moulded heads in this project, however I cannot understand why this would be a problem for the Lego group since they have moulded many new pieces and elements specifically designed for themes before. For example, take a look at how many new moulds have been used during the Lego Disney Minifigure Series, below:

If the Lego Group were to include new moulds (providing the project reaches 10,000 supporters) they include a small pin hole in the top of their heads to allow for small accessories, like Judy's meter maid hat, to sit on the head (similar to Minnie's bow, above). The pin hole would also allow Nick's head to be reused in a Disney Minifigure series as 'Robin Hood' with a green hat, whereas Judy's head mould could be reused for the 'March Hare' or 'White Rabbit.' 

If the project does not get approved (or reach 10,000 supported) the Lego Group should consider putting Judy and Nick into a Disney Minifigure Series.

Below is a solution for Judy's ears to be posable or move down to allow a hat or accessory (e.g. a bow) to be placed on her head.


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