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Zootopia / Zootropolis


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                                                 "In Zootopia, anyone can be anything."

  Based on possibly the best Disney movie ever created, comes a set that allows you to re-enact some of the iconic scenes from the start and end of Judy and Nick's Adventure in Zootopia. (Without spoilers!) A great movie would be made even more awesome in the form of LEGO to truly present Zootopia's fun and adventurous nature as well as tackling issues within modern society! 

  Judy Hopp's Meter Maid Cart lets you leave tickets for the unlucky residents of Zootopia, but when Duke Weaselton commits a robbery at the local florist, only Judy can stop him in his tracks as he races along the streets of 'Little Rodentia': Help Judy slide under the entrance, along the roof-tops, aboard a train and save Mr. Big's daughter from being squashed by 'The Big Donut' sign. After that why not take to the roads and tail Flash's Car along the roads of Zootopia in the ZPD Car or maybe help Nick Wilde sell 'Pawpsicles' (made from a 'Jumbo pop') to the Lemmings in 'Operation Red Wood?'   

                                              "Red. Wood. With a space in the middle."

The set features:  

  • 4 Minifigures: Judy Hopps (Bunny) • Nick Wilde (Fox) • Flash (Sloth) • Duke Weaselton (Weasel)
  • 7 Rodent Microfigures: 3x Lemmings • 2x 'Rodentia' civilians • Mr. Big • Mr. Big's Daughter
  • 3 Vehicles: Meter maid cart (+ traffic cones) • ZPD car (+ opening doors & trunk) • Flash's car 
  • 6 Rodent Microvehicles
  • 'Little Rodentia' with street plan, sidewalk, parking meter & traffic light
  • Many accessories including a 'Jumbo Pop' and 'Pawpsicle' stand for Nick's Operation Red Wood


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                                                                 "Try Everything..."



Created by Bradley Jones.

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