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Classic Vintage Radio - Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Streaming


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A highly sought after and collectable radio treasure from Norway reproduced into a one-to-one scale LEGO model. This Tandberg Portable 41 model offers many of the functions you will find on the original radio, including:

  • Push down the volume knob, which activates the two light bricks illuminating the tuning display.
  • Rotatable FM knob which moves the red chain driven frequency needle.
  • Slidable markers to indicate the position of favorite stations.
  • Realistic pop-up-buttons, driven by seven spring shooters, even feels and sounds like the original radio.
  • Movable handle.
  • The retractable chrome antenna gives this radio its final touch.
The model construction consists of 1710 parts and is built up by several sub models. For easy access to the technical features of this radio, the top panel can be taken off, and at the back you will find a hinged speaker grill. The joy of this is that a small Bluetooth/Wi-Fi speaker can be inserted, allowing the radio to fully come alive with your favorite music or sport.

Vebjørn Tandberg was born in my hometown Bodø, Norway in 1904. He later founded Tandberg's Radiofabrikk in Oslo and became a leading manufacturer of quality radios in Europe up to 1978. The Portable 41 is recognized by collectors of retro radios and audiophiles as one of the best portable radios ever made, with word class performance and sound. The radio is very time typical from the 70s and exudes retro charm.

In the late 70s, early 80s, this was the radio I grew up with. It brings back unforgettable music memories from long lazy summer nights set under the midnight sun. As a grown man I inherited this radio from my father, and in tribute to my own fond memories I decided to create this LEGO model. I hope others remember or create new similar good times when building this model.

Retro objects are becoming increasingly fashionable. For all radio enthusiasts out there, this model could be a gateway into the great world of LEGO. Function and form turns this timeless radio into an exciting build for new and existing LEGO fans. Great playability is combined with strong heritage, design and performance, echoing that which makes LEGO so timeless. Another great LEGO set? Tune in to find out!

Hope you like it, thank you for reading, and I hope you feel inspired to help make this LEGO set a reality. Please vote and share.

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